All' Arena Italian Restaurant

Chef Marco at the pizza ovenBack in the late 1970’s the children growing up in the Emilia Romagna region of Northern Italy knew they were surrounded by some of the highest quality foods and wines throughout all of Italy. And even today some of the finest food and wine in Italy still comes from this region, all handmade and cooked in the old traditional Italian ways using wood burning ovens, as their ancestors have done for hundreds of years, enhancing the taste and experience of some of the best cooked Italian food ever produced.

And now thirty years later that experience has come to Haad Rin, on Koh Phangan, Thailand in the shape of “All Arena” the traditional and ultimate Italian eating experience. Marco the head chef and owner of All Arena has brought his culinary skills and sourcing some of the finest ingredients from his home region in Italy to produce some of the most tasteful Italian food you will ever consume outside of Italy.

From the moment you walk into All Arena you get that warm Italian welcome as you are escorted to your waiting table and presented with an extensive menu with everything from traditional Italian pizzas to fresh handmade pasta dishes from recipes passed by family members for generations.


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